Scraping web data at anywhere and anytime


Smart WebScraper - Sponsored by Andy Yang

Flexibly and instantly scrape and convert web data into clean Excel, Text, PDF and XML!
Easy, Amazing and Free !
Just Point, Click and Go… web data is ready at your fingertips!
Business Directory Extractors - Sponsored by Andy Yang
Easy to download 2 MILLIONS of business contacts from popular online Business Directories.
Enrich your customer contact list and robust your marketing or sale compaign
Realestate Market Monitor - Sponsored by Andy Yang
Subscribe or download the latest list of properties in Australian realestate marketing.
Monitor the dynamic information of properties that you concerned.
Easy to keep your eyes on the realestate marketing and quickly catch up your potential customers.
ABN Matcher - Sponsored by Andy Yang
Seamlessly intergrated with ABN Lookup service provided by ABR (Australian Business Registration).
Automatically and batchly match ABN for business name.
Easy to check the status, current or historical official information of business entity.
Easy to start:
No register need, No lock-in contract, Just a few mouse-clicks
Free plan with upgrade options:
No membership fees, Free plan to start and upgrade later
Pay as you go:
Only pay for what you use, No additional IT investment, No hidden fee
Available at anytime with flexibility to customize
One-stop shop:
All in one service - search, scrape, format, package and delivery web data seamlessly.
Complete Control:
Monitor, control and schedule scraping tasks as your needs
Power of the Cloud
Run your web scraping tasks on powerful and reliable Cloud server anywhere and at anytime, without additional IT investment.
Agent Solution
Our intelligent web scraping agents will do all hard work for you, free of maintenance, tech headache and blocking issues.
Fully automated web scraping process under your control while you focus on your core business everyday.
Flexibility to run web scraping tasks based on your preferences with automatic time zone adjustment feature.
Data Delivery & Management
Results of web scraping can be packaged into various formatted files and delivered to Data Centre and Mailbox, your one-stop shop to review, download and manage data.
Benefits of Our Solution
Ease to use
  • Scrapexpress is a easy and free web scraping (or web data extraction) cloud server, which can automated collect and convert web data into clean Excel, CSV and XML from a range of the web sites such as Business Directory, Real Estate, E-commerce, Finance, Government etc.
  • It is very easy to use and is designed with users of the least web scraping experience in mind.
  • No programming knowledge or training is required at all and we provide a range of web scraping services and support to all our customers.
Free Scraping Agents
  • Business Directory
  • Real Estate
  • E-commerce
  • Retailer
  • Finance
  • ...
Save time and money
  • No need to invest in expensive IT infrastructure and personnel.
  • No installation of software or new version updates.
  • No ongoing maintenance costs of hardware or software involved.
  • No need to worry about tech headaches of web scraping (e.g. web page structural changes or blocking) as we will take care all the hassles while you focus on your priorities
Automation with full control
  • Full control over all your web scraping tasks in the Dashboard with the ability to change the scheduling options (one-off or periodic) based on your needs.
  • The web data to be scraped can be exported to a range of formats of your choice (e.g Excel, CSV, Text or PDF files etc) and delivered via email or to your Data Centre.
Flexibility to suit your needs
  • You can experience all the great web scraping features of ScrapeXpress for free today.
  • We have different membership plans to get your web scraping tasks started whether your organisation is large or small.
  • For more complex projects, we are more than happy to design and create intelligent Web Scraping Agents to cater for long-term, recurring web scraping tasks.
Typical Uses of ScrapeXpress

We provide a range of Web Scraping Agents ( such as Business Directory, Real Estate, E-commerce, Retailer, Finance etc ) and help our customers to scrape and refine data from the web quickly, efficiently and reliably.
Typical uses of ScrapeXpress include the following areas:

Commercial Intelligence
  • Reviewing competitors’ online pricing strategies, product specials and promotion activities.
  • Getting insights into competitive behaviour of wholesalers and retailers from local and global online marketplaces.
Customer Acquisition / Analytics
  • Finding potential suppliers to your product or services in a particular area or another country.
  • Building prospect client lists from public directories for direct marketing campaigns.
  • Compiling customer feedback on products or services from social media sites (e.g product reviews, ratings and recommendations).
Data Collection
  • Getting daily stock prices, fund unit prices and financial market data and transferring them into Excel for analytical purposes.
  • Compiling and monitoring news articles on topical issues from different news media sources.
  • Collecting economic, industry or demographic data from government for academic research.
  • Scraping information to facilitate function and event management planning (flight schedules, hotels, catering providers, entertainment schedules).
Market Research
  • Building your own databases on residential and commercial property sales and rental activities to evaluate potential opportunities.
  • Getting updated data from public databases to monitor latest industry or market developments.
  • Conducting research on employment market opportunities (salary trends, job vacancies, skill requirements etc).
Task Automation
  • Monitoring frequently updated changes from web sites (news updates, traffic data etc).
  • Compiling updated business information on your suppliers / retailers (contact details, store locations etc).
  • Scraping unstructured data and transforming them into meaningful information for analysis and modelling.