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Product Plans

ScrapeXpress provides a range of product options designed to suit your web scraping / extraction needs.
Try our Basic Plan to start exploring ScrapXpress for FREE today! You may consider to upgrade to the Eager or Agile Plan once you are ready to upgrade to these plans depending on your requirements.

Absolutely Free
This is an entry level plan (a "try before you buy" product) and there are no Hit Points included. However, you will still have access to most of features in other plans with limitation of the number of active tasks and scheduling options.
Task & Records options
Up to 2 active tasks
Up to 5 pages / task
Up to 200 records /task
Schedule options
Up to 1 schedules
Day, Week, Month
100 Hit Points Reward
This plan is ideal for volume intensive scraping web data or projects from a few target web sites, but requires significant amount of data to be extracted.
Task & Records options
Up to 5 active tasks
Up to 100 pages / task
Up to 4000 records /task
Schedule options
Up to 2 schedules
Day, Week, Month
100 Hit Points Reward
This plan is ideal for scraping small amount of web data from multiple websites with a high level of frequency (such as recurring hourly).
Task & Records options
Up to 20 active tasks
Up to 10 pages / task
Up to 500 records /task
Schedule options
Up to 10 schedules
Hour, Day, Week, Month
For custom requirement
We can provide a customised plan or solution to meet your unique/special data extraction needs if any one of these plans is not suitable for you or your organisation. Contact us today to see how we can help and get an obligation free quote.

Our pricing scheme (by using Hit Points) is fair and transparent:

  • You will only pay for what you use.
  • There is no membership or account fees.
  • Plus we do not charge any entry or exit fees to join any of our plans (except individually negotiated with the user upfront).

In addition, you can take advantage of the following benefits when you become a member:

  • Free Hit Points Reward: Once you choose a product plan and register as a member, you will get free 100 Hit Points immediately.
  • Free extraction agents: You can have access to a range of free pre-configured web scraping agents listed in Popular Agent Gallery.
  • Free maintenance & support: We’ll fix and maintain the web scraping agents to ensure they are properly configured and scraping the correct data over the course of your membership.
  • No hidden fees: No joining or exit fee at all, you will only pay for the service you have used.
  • Technical support: We provide a range of support services to our members to ensure that you have access to help when you need us.